Friday, July 17, 2009

Golfing the Ozarks

by Sean Saunders

It is exciting times for SWS GOLF and Southwest Missouri because of Recently, I was given the opportunity to be the Teaching Professional for Golfing the Ozarks, which is a web based business started by Kevin Grinder. The website allows golfers to become members for free and enjoy all of the local benefits from instruction, keeping stats, buying and selling clubs, and learning about all of the golf courses in the Ozarks. Most of the golf courses in the area participate and get advertising through the website. It is similar to the Golf Digest website but stays local and has more options.

I did a video shoot at Deer Lake Golf Course on short game tips that are posted on The tips covered everything from putting technique to how to play a pitch shot where the ball is sitting down in the rough. It was a ton of fun after I got used to the camera being in front of me. In the future, we're going to go out on the course and film how to play different types of full swing shots and also cover golf course management tips. The tips and website are updated every week. There are many ideas from blogging to forums that will be happening throughout the site in the near future!

Remember to visit www.golfingtheozarks next time you're "on the move" browsing the internet and be sure to sign up to become a member. If you sign up now, you get entered in a drawing to win a free ping putter. Golf is very popular in Southwest Missouri and has some of the best golf courses in the country, so take advantage of Golfing the Ozarks.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Springfield - Family Fun City

by Sean Saunders

This past week, I was given the opportunity to help out with a promotional event held at Chick-Fil-A restaurant on south Glenstone in Springfield. It was a hot day but a lot of fun working with the kids on their putting. Petra Rock Climbing, Blockbuster, Swing Right Golf, Jump Mania, and Discovery Center were there representing their businesses for the kids. It was a good time getting to know other businesses in town that help make Springfield a great place for families to go. I was impressed with Chick-Fil-A and the events that they are able to put on for local children. The marketing director for the Chick-Fil-A store informed me that they put on events for families at least once every couple of months. The last event they organized was a princess event for girls. Make-up booths, tee parties, and fun tattoos were a few of activities that took place.

My niece’s and nephew are coming to town for the 4th and it is nice having options to keep them entertained. There is more than enough fun things to do in the Ozarks area such as other destinations that I didn’t’ mention like the Zoo, Fantastic Caverns, Wacky World Kidz, Springfield Cardinals games, and the beautiful parks and trails. If you are bored this summer and looking for something to do and need ideas, be sure to stop by one of the tourist information offices in Springfield. I’ve dropped off promotional items at the Battlefield and Hwy 65 location and they have enough ideas to keep you busy for a month in the Springfield and Branson area. I’ve been in Springfield for just over a year and I haven’t even come close to experiencing all that Springfield has to offer because of the many options. Take advantage of living in a fun town that I am proud to call my home. Next time your on the move in Springfield, come down and visit us at Swing Right Golf and enjoy our 18 hole miniature golf course, driving range, or simulators and I’ll give you a golf tip to help you swing!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Market Now, Thrive Later

by Timothy vonBecker

Who Spends Marketing $$ in a Downturn? Successful Companies!

Strong marketers know that the only advertising worthy of expense is that which has a future value. Likewise, sound marketers know that sales increases are not attributable solely to clever advertising, but are derived from overall economic conditions, demand, company position, and product innovation. In each of the downturns of the 20th century, there were industry competitors who were diminished – or who ceased to operate. And, during those same times, there were competitors who understood that marketing and advertising activity were an investment for the future. These companies knew that advertising expense could no sooner be cut entirely than could the entire relationship with all financial institutions or other critical suppliers. If there are wholesale cuts to be made in marketing and advertising, let it be that of your competitors' budgets.

"Marketing expenditures in areas from communications to research are often slashed across the board—but such indiscriminate cost cutting is a mistake. Although it's wise to contain costs, failing to support the brand or examine core customers' changing needs can jeopardize performance over the long term. Companies that put customer needs under the microscope, take a scalpel rather than a cleaver to the marketing budget, and nimbly adjust strategies, tactics, and product offerings in response to shifting demand are more likely than others to flourish both during and after a recession." – (John A. Quelch and Katherine E. Jocz, Harvard Business Review, April 2009).

It is common knowledge that many popular consumer brands – the ones we still know today – experienced share gain during a recession and top-line growth within the first year after a recession by following the practices of maintaining measured amounts of marketing expense (some were bold enough to increase expenses during a recession). MarketSense studies reveal that Jif Peanut Butter, Kraft Salad Dressing, Coors Light and Bud Light (to name only a few) increased their advertising expenses during the recessionary period of '90-'91 and experienced sales growth of 57%, 70%, 15% and 16% respectively in the periods just after the recession. Most recently, Audi reported in the February issue of Advertising Age that it will increase its 2009 advertising budget by 15%, specifically to take advantage of a soft advertising spending market.

Fresh product for fresh challenges

Just as the origins of a downturn are unique, so are the outcomes and the resulting business models. Sweeping generalizations are ill advised when comparing one economic downturn to another. However, by observing former periods, we can be certain in the general notion that our resulting economy, markets and business models will be changed greatly by this recession. Each former recession has made some business models obsolete, while introducing opportunities for new ways to go to market. We know that a market will continue in some form. We know that the competitors with the best product, supported by the most efficient operations, and the most efficient and accountable marketing will succeed to the greatest degree. We also know that a recession chases the fat out of a market. And, in the most serious downturns, only the most shrewd and agile competitors (those who make their own luck) survive... or originate. Recall that in the midst of the despair of the 1970s, Apple and Microsoft were created – two companies that most will agree have changed the world and offered an entirely new set of economic opportunities. The ingenuity of strong entrepreneurs will shape our new realities – in each company, in each department. Each new effort need not be as classically monumental as Microsoft. Rather, every small innovation in a business approach that creates new opportunity is revolutionary in its own right. And when aligned properly by management, a number of small innovations are indeed the source of revolution. As Mark Twain suggested, history rhymes. That is, those products and marketing plans that are designed with the new economic realities in view are those that will succeed. Applying resources now with creative and measurable programs is the way to test and discover how new market models will function in the new, uncertain reality.

BRICK strives to be a marketing “partner” in the new economic reality. Our creative efforts – as part of your marketing efforts – can enhance your revenue opportunities. We can't wait to meet the fresh advertising challenges of the new economy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tips for Living in the Summer Sun

by Dr. Tiffany Schafer

It's summer time and that means that if you are "on the move", you are probably in the sun. Here are some summer sun tips to help keep your healthy and happy!

Schools Back - Sun 101
The sun radiates different frequencies or kinds of light. Not all are visible. The invisible sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) is what we are concerned with because it burns the skin. UV light is further classified.
· UVA penetrates deep into the skin producing premature aging and cancer. Tanning beds radiate 2 to 5 times more UVA than the sun. Think of UVA as the Aging rays.
· UVB is stronger than A and causes sunburns, aging and skin cancer. B rays are strongest from 11 am to 4pm during the summer. Think of UVB as Burning rays.
· UVC is stronger yet. These rays are stopped by the Earths’ ozone layer.
We just touched on the types of rays so you can now grab your current sunscreen, read it, and decide if it covers both A and B or if you need an up-grade. As far as the number, stick around 30-45ish.

Skin types

Now, if you haven’t noticed we’re all different colors and shades. Our heritage and genetics does play a huge role in our skin color and the concentration of melanin in our skin. Melanin browns or darkens the skin to protect. Red hair, freckled, fair skin English individuals have less melanin than dark hair and olive skinned Mediterranean persons who have even less melanin than say a native Jamaican. Naturally the first will burn quicker. But, the latter person will also be subject to burning. No matter how well you may tan or how dark your skin is, sun protection is necessary. Any time a tissue is chronically irritated, we have to be worried about cancer. Lots of sun, not just burning, is another chronic irritant. Fair skinned kids need to be cautious of the sun because they have less melanin but dark skinned kids need to be cautious because signs of cancer are harder to see. The moral is- Protect Your Skin Period.

Let’s make this an easy transition.

How can I protect? Glad you asked. Apply each hour. Yes- I said each hour. Application whether it be a powder or cream, needs to take place at least each hour and possibly more if you’re out on the lake or out by the pool all day. Your pores open and are continually releasing sweat and the sunscreen gets weaker. Thus, you need to re-apply! I know the back of the bottles say crazy stuff like ‘All Day Protection’ or ‘Reapply every 6-8 hours’, but that’s crazy talk. If you’er going to do it, do it right- apply at least each hour.

How do I make skin protection easy? Usually ‘easy’ means quick. So, lets save you some time. There are a number of sites with different application products for sunscreen. has a number of towelette or small one time size products to purchase. These are great to keep in the car, on the boat, in your swim bag, or your sports bag. My personal favorite is a powder made by bareMinerals. It twists open to reveal a brush to quickly apply the powder on your ears, back of the neck, and don’t forget those calick or hair parts. Check out for sunglasses, shirts, and other great products that will protect the skin and allow you the fun of the water. Personally, I wear a hot weather underarmor shirt under my life vest when I’m out on the boat and water skiing. My shoulders and arms are protected, it looks sporty, and I’m not a lobster when we go out at night. It’s just a win- win.

7 Sunny Tips

1. Find a sunscreen you like and will use. Keep it accessible
2. Load up on your antioxidants with your diet and supplements.
3. Stay hydrated.
4. Purchase polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and don’t go out in the sun without them.
5. Apply sunscreen each hour you are outside, cloudy or sunny.
6. Always remember to screen the ears and calicks or hair lines.
7. Don’t ever underestimate the sun or the length of time you will be outside, make a habit of the sunscreen.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Space for Summer

by Stacy Duncan-Plush

Its that time of year when we start thinking about entertaining outdoors. Its BBQ season! Here are some Re-Freshing ideas on how to make your outdoor space as Fabuless as your indoor space. Use accessories in your outdoor spaces just as you would on the inside of your home. Try these ideas:

1. Lighting- have you seen the new Outdoor Lamps? They are attractive & weather resistant. Or use lanterns & candles for a more romantic appeal.

2. Add a rug- Outdoor rugs are very popular right now. They are inexpensive & come in many designs. They are water resistant & can be cleaned with the garden hose. Check out "Home Haze Porch Rug" ($54.99) at

3. Window Treatments- What? Don't have windows on your porch? Attach window panels at your porch ceiling with rope or light weight wire & eye hooks. Use light & breezy fabric panels to create a cozy "room" feel.

Learn more ways to Re-Fresh your outdoor space with Curb Appeal services. Request your FREE Initial Consultation at

Monday, June 15, 2009

Study Shows Massage Before Golf Improves Performance

by Sean Saunders

There were some exciting things happening at Swing Right Golf Learning facility this past month. Michael Detwiler and Stephanie Lansdown from Neuromuscular Clinic who are licensed massage therapists were conducting a golf study on treating the rotation range of motion of the spine and its effect on the golf swing. Their results from the study were impressive. After a 10-15 minute precision neuromuscular treatment, golf swing speeds increased an average of 4.34 miles per hour. The average pre-treatment initial swing speed of participants was 85.34 MPH and the average post-treatment swing speed was 89.68 MPH. Some people increased their swing speed up to 15-20 mph. This was due to treating the parts of the body that restrict the turn in the golf swing.

I participated in the study and was surprised my results. On average, I increased my swing speed by 5 MPH and my range of motion by 4 degrees, which meant I consistently drove the golf ball 10 yards farther after I was treated. This study showed me how beneficial it is to stretch and get your muscles warmed up before playing golf and the benefits of massage to help your range of motion. I try to educate my students on the importance of warming up and doing some stretching before playing in order to start their round of golf out better. It is good for a golfer’s psychology to play better early on rather than start out with a bad hole because they didn’t take the time to warm up. In golf, every stroke adds up and one bad shot can determine the outcome of a round of golf. For a tournament player, it is the difference between placing and missing the cut.

If you are interested in participating or would like to know more about the golf study or NMT services, please contact Michael or Stephanie at You can also visit the neuromuscular clinic at 902 W. Battlefield in Springfield, MO.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer at Sinatra's

by Dennis Mays

Hello again, it is I, Dennis from Sinatra's Coffee Gallery. It is well accepted that Memorial Day, and the weekend preceding it, marks the begining of Summer. As summer has arrived many of us will be making personal changes. Granted some personal changes might simply be the clothing we wear or how we spend our days off. But for some, it brings drastic changes. Like the students who will be going home for three months.

Now, most people wouldn't consider a coffee shop to have personal traits, but I believe they do. I can always tell when the coffee shop I work in is happy to see me and feel my presence. And I've learned that if you treat your favorite coffee shop as if it's a person with feelings, you begin to form a bond with it and respect it much more. Some critics might think I'm crazy, but I'll admit that early in the morning when I'm alone getting myself and Sinatra's ready for a new day of experiences, we have a conversation together. Our conversations never go any deeper that each of us reminding the other of why we are there, and what we can do to make eachother's day a little easier.

Having said this, Sinatra's will be going through a few personal changes with the arrival of summer. Our barista's will be wearing t-shirts (still keeping with our black and red tradition), our food menu will be madeover to represent more summer like meals, and we will now offer an array of our signature t-shirts in different colors and sizes for sale to you our beloved customers. Our changes will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So as you embrace the change of season, we hope you will embrace our changes as well.

I wrote this to inform all of you of Sinatra's summer changes, but I really hope everyone who reads this will think about what I mentioned earlier and take it into consideration next time you go get a "cup o' joe" at your favorite local coffee house. Till next time, keeping moving Springfield!